2012 Oct 12th

in between dressings for blistered skin plus two old ulcers opened up - again! Toenails coming away from skin on big toes - ouch!

What is the pain like when you are standing like this ? How long can you stand like that before it is unbearable ?

Hello Mike, My feet were not flaring at the time the photo was taken. They are usually this colour or darker nowadays. Go bright pinky red when flaring. I prefer to stand as it is better for me than sitting or lying with feet up. Feet up for me will start a flare going. I posted a discussion about this and it would appear I am not the only one who finds it better to stand. Legs are looking more normal since the blistered skin has healed but feet still the same colour.

As to the pain when standing during flare ups. It makes no difference. Any pain medications only dull the really bad pain for a little while but not always. Such a cruel disease disease, isn't it?