After Attack


I am new to the forums & was after a little advice as my GP has never dealt with EM before. I have only been recently diagnosed after 3 years of problems & having found the diagnosis myself from research.

After I have an attack in my feet & the red/burning has gone the bottoms of my feet remain swollen for hours after & I have pain walking/pressing accelerater in car/ putting any pressure on base of foot. Is this common for the after effects to go on so long after the attack?

Any help appreciated.

Some have swelling as a symptom and some don’t. Those who don’t obviously tend to have fewer after effects. I can’t speak from personal experience, but I believe others here have described similar difficulties.

For me, just about every time. I find placing feet on towel wrapped ice pack is extremely helpful

Hi @Stepheno1 I have swelling with severe attack. So much so, that setting in a camp chair, camping with all the family, they shouted in surprise as they watched my toes blow up (not literally​:wind_face:) :scream:one foot than the other. I can’t wear my wedding set of rings any longer due to heat->:fire: than swelling. I just wear a small band ring.

Thanks for the replies. This is reassuring.