Air Pressure

So I have been keeping track of the air pressure levels since the weather has been rainy and such. I have noticed that when it goes up my hands hurt more and when it goes down my legs and feet hurt more. and sometimes all it takes is just a small fraction of change to make me flare. I never look at the the barometer before i determine what my pain levels are so i know i am not just going off of what i see. We thought this could be a good experiment because everything counts.

Very interesting MsLovelyNikki.

I would of never thought of paying attention to that. I will try to pay attention to the air pressure and my flares and see if I can see any type correlation with the two. Keep up the good work!

Take care,


I don't have a barometer, but I'm getting ready to go from here (8,000 ft.) to under 1000 ft in a few days. That'll be a pressure increase. I'll try to notice. In a way, I would think the flaring might be worse with dropping pressure?? But, I can't say. Very interesting observation!