..And the waiting game continues

After seeing a little improvement over the last couple of weeks with some improvement in pain and lots more sleep I'm back to square one. I phoned up my gp in tears today because the pain was hideous but was told that I needed to phone the pain management clinic because a referral has been sent to them. I've now waited 8 weeks for an appointment to come through even though I was told I would be seen within 6 weeks.The only information the pain clinic could give me was "You're on the waiting list" When I queried how long the waiting list was I was told they don't know.

Work was particularly bad today because I had to work outside in below zero temperatures for 2 hours this morning..... in the snow. The cold seem to be causing huge amounts of pain which then turns to EM flares as soon as I go indoors and start to warm up. Not even the fact that I had 30 4yr olds in my care was enough to stop the tears today.The whole 2 hours was spent trying to figure out a way round this without having to give up a job I love in every other respect. I am not able to do my job properly when in so much pain.

I don't want to feel sorry for myself but just really want the pain to stop.

Hi Lauraflora

I'm so sorry to hear your having alot of pain.I hope they get you in soon.I know exactly how you feel I too love my job.And it's getting harder to do everyday because of the protective clothing I have to wear.I started this department from the ground up and got very little training from the Engineer who trained me.I had to basicly train my self thru trial and error.I know there are other jobs they could put me on but this ones my baby!! Hang in there and know I'm here if you need to talk.Cheryl