Anyone else have similar symptoms?

My em is continuing to get worse. I can no longer eat a wide range of foods, wear shoes or socks, go out in the sun and i just generally can not stand up for too long.
So far over the summer, when i have a flare up, the burning redness is slowly making its way up my leg with each reaction. Currently its just over half way up my calf. I know it is getting worse but there are some newer symptoms that i wondered if anyone else had?
When im having a flare up, i cant lift my arms above the height at which theyre horizontal. I also get stabbing pains up and down my right hand which is accompanied with a dull pain in my knuckles. These knuckles end up being swollen (index and middle fingers knuckles).
Once quarantine is over, im travelling to a hospital where they will run additional tests on me as it is clear that the em and raynauds i have, are not primary.

yes sounds like me. i dont know what to do i just dont even have the energy to seek anymore help that never works.
thie link between ot being able to eat a wide range of food i have that too and i never understoof the connection??

I think its to do with the levels of oxalates and capsaicin in foods as theyre supposed to dilate blood vessels but its pretty much in everything

It has more to do with the digestion process than what you’ve eaten. The parasympathetic nervous system (one of the two components of the autonomic nervous system) is active during digestion. The parasympathetic nervous system dilates blood vessels. It’s the same reason symptoms are found to be worse at night. The parasympathetic nervous system is the “rest and digest” system.