Anyone in the US take pizotifen?

So I respond well to cyproheptadine and feverfew and both seem to be modestly beneficial and have been trying to figure out how to try pizotifen. It is not sold in the US but was wondering if anyone is the US has received a prescription for it and ordered it from an online pharmacy?

Hi, Joe
Nobody’s answered your question. Have you tried using the search engine to see whether this drug has been mentioned on this site?
Click on the magnifying glass and fill in pizotifen and see what comes up.

You might also try searching for the drug class, such as “antiserotonin agents” or “serotonin antagonists” and see whether anything comes up. The drug is called Sandomigran in Canada: that’s worth trying too. But why are you restricting your question to members in the US?

Good luck with this!

Seenie from ModSupport