Anyone run a dehumidifier

I just thought of this the other day. Humidity in Texas is pretty high with average Dallas humidity is 65%. Wondering if anyone noticed a big difference in their EM systems.

Hi Gwadley,

I can mange the daytime ok as I wear shorts and sandals all the time, Winter and Summer. Its the night time when the legs are covered that makes the burning flares come. We have installed an air conditioning unit in our bedroon and keep it between 18 and 20c. This does help. If we go away I always take a fan and my bed cradle (which my Husband made) to keep the sheets off my legs. Meds are Gabapentin and Aspirin which work quite well for me. Would really love a cure. Forgot to say the Dr also put me on large doses of Vit D and C. Has anybody else been told to take these vitamins?

**Hi G, You know, sometimes you just can’t win. I have new genetic disease called Mapdot Fingerprint Corneal Dystrophy. Yea! It requires me to have a humidifier going 24 hrs a day. The use of ceiling fans is out and I have to put gunk in my eyes every night to prevent getting corneal abrasions. **What next, I wonder. P

Geez sorry it’s so tough on you. Since I started Mexilitine, things are getting better. Like quite a bit better. I’m only take 1/2 a dose morning and just started last night 1/2 a dose at night. Going to stay here a week and then go up. I’m not cured, but much better. Once I get on the full dose, I’m quite helpful I’ve found my holy grail. Trying not to get too hopeful, but it’s hard not to. I slept 8 hours last night. I did have a fan on some of the time, but dang. It’s so nice to just sleep. Wish things were going better for you. Really sorry.