Assembling The Team

Anytime a victory is sought, one must examine the best (and shortest) strategy for achieving the win. Do you have the right people in place? Are the "players" the best you can find? Is winning everyone's ultimate goal.

I'm the quarterback and coach who calls the plays. The team helps with the direction and game plan to score when needed.

Perhaps this is part of the winning formula needed for finding a cure to the EM enemy and, ultimately a workable treatment plan.

This "team" will consist of a battery of doctors I am recruiting from neurology, rheumatology, endochrinology, a nurse practitioner specializing in neuropathy and pain as well as a primary care physician and a hospital capable of handling any treatment recommended. I have effectively recruited most all of the major players and intend to create a regular blog of treatment, victories,successes and defeats or losses to share. Today's doctor said I am probably the only one in the state of Florida with this disease. Boy do I feel special! - NOT.

Once the team is assembled, I have to get them talking. My blog is open to share this information and the docs will be invited to comment at anytime re: treatment and, more importantly results. The IMPORTANT thing is to readily share the information with those in the community. So let the fun begin. Stay tuned...