B vitamin levels + EM

I have always trusted in doctors and their advice/recommendations, but after dealing with EM I have realized that I have to advocate for myself and know what’s best. After all my bloodwork came back normal, I had read about B levels and brought it up to doc. He ended up having tests done and all was good, but my B6 was a 6 in a range from 5-50. I asked my doctor if that could have caused my issues, cuz I also had developed a rash on my back which they said was eczema. Never in my life had I had eczema, he didn’t think there was a correlation but from what I read blow b6 levels can cause tingling/pain, burning, also body rashes. So I asked to start on Metanx which is seems to be helping all. Going to see if I can get my B6 levels checked again in 6 months. Will keep you posted

Interesting on B6. My B12 was like 280 and I’ve raised it into high normal ranges, but I have not checked my B6.

B6 test is not something that is usually checked, I don’t believe. My test had to be sent out to Mayo because it has to be handled differently. Mine was one point above the lowest number, so I think that may contribute to what I was dealing with. My doctor thinks opposite, that it would have to be much lower, but to me that is a pretty big range and mine was very low within the spectrum.

My B12 was middle range, it B6 was low!

I am glad you are getting your B levels in check but I don’t know what this has to do with my thread on fluoroquinolones.

It was more in response to listening to your intuition and not always trusting every answer will come from doctors.

I have to agree with @anon16865673 here. @Browni, I think your discussion is better suited to its own topic. I’ve split the posts for organizational purposes and created a new topic for this B vitamin discussion.

Carry on!


Too low and too high B6 is a problem.

Be careful with supplements. Too much B6 can cause problems. Good luck.

Right now I am only taking one pill every other day, and the script is for two a day. I am going to see about getting my B6 levels checked again in 6 months.

It’s smart to get retested. If I’m not mistaken, I think there may be a fasting requirement for the test. Good luck.

Last time I had it done I did fast, and for the B6 test, not the B12, the lab work had to be submitted to Mayo and handled differently than others.