Baretraps Sandals: Better heat dissipation and also cushioned

While the softest, squishy shoe I have found is still the extremely hard to get “easy spirit heel riser” heat does build up in those a bit.

I have now found a current shoe that is almost as cushioned and is better at heat dissipation. So it stays cooler even when my feet are hot. I was able to wear them for a few hours while sitting. Usually, I keep shoes on for minutes (or seconds!)

Even the best shoes. But these are pretty nice. And they are very nice looking Women’s shoes too. I don’t know if they have a men’s shoe, but hopefully they do.

The sole is called rebound technology and it looks a bit like a honeycomb. I think this, and the material itself, is what gives it the cooler properties.

I bought the last pairs in my size with that sole in our local store, even though one has a thing the goes by the big toe. They are on online sales on various websites right now also.

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My shoes, close up on the sole:

Online sales of baretraps, just a few of them. There at either styles with this sole.

thank you! those look wonderful

i wear compression socks daily even in the heat. i can’t care much about style with long socks on … but those look fantastic. comfort and style

I know this is an old discussion, but I wanted to share that I just ordered a pair of these bare trap sandals, based on this thread. I love them! I ordered them in a wide, even though I don’t normally wear a wide, and that allows for swelling. I’m going to order at least one more pair in a different color, and will go up a size larger, again to allow for swelling. The straps adjust, which is helpful, but not quite enough for all day wear. Great recommendation, so thank you, again!!

Which one did you buy, is the sole smooth and non porous?