Been away for a bit

Well it’s been a couple of months since I have had a chance to even touch base with everyone on here. Been dealing with a lot and trying to get one problem figured out and then another problem seems to knock me down. So pretty happy that it’s winter makes having EM at least a tad more barrable, however still flare and go back and forth becasue Im also pretty sure I have Raynaud’s along with it. II have also been having so much pain in my neck and it took 2 months to figure out that c1 has a 1mm bulge and c2 has a 2mm bulge but c3-c4 has a 3mm and it’s compressing my spinal cord and now I have to see the surgeon again ugh. I already have c5,6,7 fused it’s goin on 4 years now. not sure how all of this will turn out and or how it will effect my EM but you know surgeons take forever so still im waiting to be scene. I hope everyone is doing well and staying cool.