Have just been put on baby aspirin and atenolol a beta-blocker blocker for a tricky heart. Had blood clot that went up carotid way, lost some vision but this has resolved. Only on a 1/4 tablet so hoping it doesn’t affect my erythromelalgia too much. Just went vegan in the hope of reducing affects…only taking 7mg Lyrica, down from 300mg then this = Yuck

I’m so sorry to hear that. it must have been such a frightening experience for you, how are you getting on with the Aspirin, Let us know how you get on & best wishes to you

I take 325 mg a day of aspirin, and propranolol (beta blocker) it helps some but not near all of the flares.

Thx @marti
Now I am on Eliquis as an anti-coagulant
Hope I don’t get flares

25mg Lyrica, not 7 - sorry. Didn’t know how to edit!

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