I have read about Brimonidine whick normally is used for Glaucoma.

Now I have heard that it works for the erythema (facial) i Rosacea.

Has anybody any experience for topical application in EM?

Hello Brimonidine. I don't know personally of anything that has helped my EM Topically other than cooling of course But I have never tried that before. I have tried lidocaine creams , anti itch lotions and even hemorrhoid cream because the pharmacist said it acts as a vascular constrictor but non of these have helped mine. You might get more responses if you post this again in the main discussion section. I think we have a larger group using that method and they sometimes never even look here.

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Hi Göran and Alina,

Do you remember that thread about Mirvaso? That has brimonidine in it:

Hi Mick. I just checked out the post you mentioned. I see there has been no word back from Lacyann99 so I wrote her asking how she is doing and if she is still on her treatment. We will see if she responds and maybe she has some more helpful insight into it.
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Good thinking Alina. You're always so helpful. :)