Broken ankle, swelling, EM

Was skiing this week and had a bad spill and broke my lower tibia and upper fibula. I hadn’t skied in the 10 years I’ve had EM, and was really having a good time as hot weather sports have been off the table. I wore just sock liners instead of full wool socks and in the boots, was pretty good most of the time. Once I had to take off the socks and boots and let my feet cool down. You get a lot of weird looks with your bare feet outside the ski hut. :slight_smile:

Swelling in that foot is causing my EM to go crazy. I’m also worried the ortho is going to want to put on a cast, and there’s no way I can wear a cast. I could probably do a boot as long as I could take it off at night. My EM is not too bad during the day as long as I don’t get too hot, but it always flares at night and a cast would be unbearable.

Anyone else have any experience with swelling due to injury and it’s effects on EM? Did it go back to normal and did it take longer for the swelling to go down?

I can’t really answer your question about if EM went back to normal after swelling, but I just wanted to sympathise with you as I have ulcers on my left leg and it is bandaged and so gets really hot. You can’t even cool down with a fan.

I haven’t had swelling due to injury but I have had terrible swelling in the past during the summer. My feet would swell, my ankles, all the way up to mid calf. And it all would burn like crazy 24/7. My doctor saw it once and asked me if I would be willing to try a water pill and so I did. It took all the swelling away and it all stopped the 24/7 burning. So I don’t know if this helps at all but just wanted to give you my experience. I wish you well and hope you don’t have to be put in a cast.

I can’t even imagine being wrapped up like that with EM. That’s always been a fear of mine. I have fallen down steps and other things have made me fall but so far no damage. And now I am so careful about even walking in my home. I have a wheelchair for out of my home. I sure hope you don’t have to stay wrapped up for long. I wonder if putting ice in a towel and wrapping that somehow around your leg would help? Take care.

I think my skiing days are over and agree the risk of injury and what that means in EM outweighs the benefits.

Yes not good with the bandages and it’s been over 2 years now. My ulcers are improving, but it takes a long time. I have tried an ice pack wrapped in a towel, but it’s difficult to keep in place. I used to sit with my feet on an ice pack wrapped in a towel and that worked, but the nurses told me off said I should have my feet, well foot now up. My other leg was amputated above the knee a year last September.

Have ulcers on both legs bandaged up which in conjunction with EM is pretty unbearable. I imagine they’re both linked but nobody has yet been able to medicinally tell me how or to offer any solution😟

Do you soak your legs a lot in cold water? I’ve understood that doing that will cause ulcers. Maybe Sheltilife might have a suggestion since she also gets ulcers. But, my doctor once told me that bad blood flow can also cause ulcers. Has a doctor told you anything like that? I’m sorry. It must be miserable. I wish you all the best.

If you have those medical gel ice packs, maybe you could get your leg up and in the position you want to be in and also have a big roll of either painters tape or masking tape and wrap the iced gel packs around your leg and then tape it…just enough so when the packs are no longer cold you can take them off and have extras in your freezer so you can grab more and tape those on. I know it’s hard to do by yourself but you might try it. My husband is also disabled and I have to do a lot of things myself so I know how hard it is. If I find out any other ideas I will let you know! Take care.

And, also I knew about your amputation and I’m so sorry for it. I hope it doesn’t bother you too much.

So I’m just wearing this smallish boot and it’s ok during the day. But my night flares are so much worse on my broken ankle side. It’s 2:30AM right now due to a flare that just makes me want to jump off a bridge. No, I’m not suicidal, just in a lot of pain. The break doesn’t really bother me that much, and I’m walking in the boot some now. Still use crutches for anything beyond the house. But my ankle is still swollen, and flares on that side are crazy. Sure hope the ankle goes down and once it does the flares go back to my normal ones. I’m afraid I’ll have to go on short term disability. I travel a lot and don’t think I can travel like this. It’s scary.

Marco :Have ulcers on both legs bandaged up which in conjunction with EM is pretty unbearable. I imagine they’re both linked but nobody has yet been able to medicinally tell me how or to offer any solution😟

My. Mom has wounds from 2 skin biopsies that just won’t heal, biofilm /slough has developed in less than 1 week after the biopsies taken… She’s used santyl, gentamycin, keflex and now cipro, aquacel ag+ and they are just getting worse… She never had trouble with wound healing before she got EM… And no she is not soaking her e gs in cold water and yes she is elevating. (she has normal a1c, and is healthy and excercises)

I was hoping stopping calcium today would make tonight better. Nope. Been flaring since 6:00PM . If anything tonight is worse. Just can’t stop the flares. My old EM before the break I could control to a large degree. It would go off once or 2x a day, cool it and get on with life. Now it’s totally out of control. I’m at a loss. Hard to say but I want my old EM back. Amazing how trauma can increase this so much. Makes me really wonder if it’s going to go back to it;s old self. At 1st I just assumed it would. Not not very sure at all.