Hi, I’m new to this site and am not entirely sure how it works. I just wanted to ask if anybody else has bruising on the top of their feet? I keep getting areas of deep blue which don’t hurt like bruises but look like them.

I too am new to the site,I have purple areas of what appear to be bruising when I'm having a flare, the blood rushes to the feet/hands then they start to swell due to the sheer volume being forced into a small area I reckon it's blood that has "pooled" and not had time to dissipate. My feet usually look bruised . Anyone please correct me if I'm wrong !! ....

Yes, it does look like bruising but it isn't. Bruises would hurt. my feet are always bruised looking when not flaring but it is just the blood pooling instead of recirculating I think. It certainly doesn't hurt.

Right now both feet are bright flaring pink, but when they finally ease off they will go back to being blue/mottled red until the next flare. Just one of the weird and wonderful EM foibles.

Hi,many thanks for your reply. What you say makes sense.