Burning electric needles when leaning on arm

Hi Everyone.

Lately In bed if I lean on my arm even for a second to get a sip of water I get the burning electrified needles as if I am having a severe flare in my hand of the arm I am leaning on. It happens instantly ! I take my sip of water ,roll to my back and it instantly goes away. Has anyone else had this happen? This has just started happening in the last few weeks.

Thank you.

Maybe I can put it another way. Does any one get EM type symptoms from pressure? Like leaning on an arm or crossing your legs? I know doing these things will limit your blood supply to the extremity but it happens almost instantly and also in the opposite extremity that isn't being cut off. could this be a hyper active response to the lack of blood supply? The vessels rapidly dilating in an attempt to get more blood into the area? Strangely this doesn't happen all of the time and only recently started happening.

Heat makes them dilate excessively but so does lack of blood flow. Think back to when you were a child. Does anyone remember playing the trick where you hold someone by the wrist cutting off blood flow while rubbing all of the blood out of their hands while they make a fist till it turns white? Then you release the wrist and they open their hand and it feels like pins and needles. Don't ask me why we did this. We were kids and we thought it was like a magic trick! Please don't tell me I was the only kid out there doing this stupid trick! If you did this and you think back to how it felt it was like a mild EM flare type sensation.

If lack of blood flow gives this sensation then how can too much blood flow cause the same sensation?? Just curious if any one can explain this. It is all such a mystery and I can't help but think if we could figure out the how and why these things happen we could be one step closer to finding a way to stop them from happening!

Thank you.


Thank you anyway dkel9307.

It's just been driving me crazy as of late. I try to never lean on my side but sometimes in my sleep I do and the pain wakes me up. It is so frustrating that I can't even lean over in bed to get some water. I have to sit all the way up and that just wakes me even more making it harder to get back to sleep. It doesn't keep me up as long as the pain does from leaning over though!

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Poor guy. I’m sorry. You still seem in such good spirits though. Good for you :slight_smile:

I have a problem like this when my grandson sits on my lap. So unfair!