Burns on my hands and feat

I don’t understand whats going on here? why are my hands and feat getting little burn marks on them? I don’t stick my hands in super hot water (don’t like the bubbles my hands get) I try to avoid over heating any grease pots (so no oil spit) and I lowered my spicy food intake (much to my chagrin) to almost nill.

I don’t understand how my hands and feat just get burns from no where (usually after a flare up)

What do you mean by burn marks? Do you get peeling/dry/cracked/odd skin texture or just marks? I too get the “hand bubbles” very easily btw.

um, little red sores that look and feel like burns (like if you touched the side of your pot with your hands by accident) an update, they swell up in blistars

Do you have diabetes? You might want to check your sugar levels. My mom gets those kind of marks when her levels are off.

been tested so much I have been genetically screened out for diabetes.

I have these. I have em and raynauds—severe. Winter especially brings lots of burns and blisters. Don’t pop anything. If any become an open wound go see the doctor to learn how to care for it.