Hi, i was dx. Last year with EM. This winter i have had a miserable time with what i think are chilblains. I have been to a dermatologist and two podiatrists and they have no idea. I have had blood drawn for autoimmune and vascular study on my legs and feet, all normal. On one foot i have red puffy skin around my toe nail and on the side and painful bumps on the sides of another toe. No itching though. Going crazy, especially with either very hot or very cold feet. Any thought? Thanks, rhoda

Hi Rhoda,
It does sound like chilblains. Do they make walking really painful? I had chilblains since I was a small child though fewer since I retired and can take better care of my feet. I have used any number of different chilblain creams though my favourite was Nelson’s Chilblain Cream, a herbal remedy made from Black Bryony, perhaps only available in the UK. Do you have Raynauds as well as EM?

Hi , thanks for your reply. I have not been dx with Renauds but i had a problem with hot and cold feet all winter. Today was warm and my feet are red hot and tingly. I may try some calcium blocker. Hope it helps, thanks rhoda

Hi Rholev. I have the exact same thing. My EM symptoms and chilblains started at the same time a few years ago, and I've had problems with recurring chilblains every winter since (except for the winter I spent in Florida). I've got them right now, and every step hurts. I think that showering might be what causes them, but I'm not sure (I've read that they tend to occur with a combo of cold and humidity). I haven't found anything that helps, and mine take 3-4 weeks to clear up. (By then, I've usually developed more fresh ones.) My chilblains only itched the very first time I got a batch, years ago. Now, they never do (they're just very tender swollen spots). My toes also tend to be icy cold when they're not flaring hot, so I probably have the dreaded Raynaud's/EM combo. Unfortunately, I have nothing to offer beyond this info, since I've found nothing that helps and I haven't been able to prevent them (since keeping warm causes flares). Cruddy, ain't it?

I always understood that chilblains are caused by getting too cold followed by heating up too fast so we are stymied really if we have EM and Raynauds. I try not to let my feet get too cold, something I couldn’t deal with when I had to spend school break times in the playground all year round, and if they do start to go numb I warm them up slowly. But it’s like walking a tightrope as hands and feet veer from numb to flaring for no obvious reason. I am good this winter but it has been mild here in the UK. I don’t know how you can protect yourself if you live in an area with regular sub-zero winter temperatures. Have you tried aspirin Rhoda? It has helped me.

Hi, I am trying aspirin but im never sure how much to take. Not sure if its helping or not. Right now im trying not to pay attention to it and get on with my life. It just been a miserabe winter with this stuff. Thanks