I have sores on my feet and hands that appear after a flare up and each flare up causes them to get bigger. The doctors werent sure whether they were or were not chilblians and prescribed me some betnovate steriod cream. I use this twice a day but the aores arent healing at all and it has been almost 2 months. I cant even use it on my big toes anymore as theyre open sores. Anyone have any medicines that work for them or home remedies or just something?

Sounds terrible but sorry I don’t have any ideas that would help.
Have your feet been exposed to the cold because what I read said it was an inflammation of the vessels caused by cold.

Im not sure, i also have raynauds so my hands and feet are really susceptible to the different temperatures and becuase its “inbetween” weather at the moment its really hard to not get too hot or too cold. I use gel packs to cool my hands and feet down. Maybe theyre making it worse?