Compounded cream Amitriptyline and Ketamine

Many of you here use the Amitriptyline and Ketamine cream. I got some and have been trying it for a week. I don’t see a difference. I would have thought I would by now. I know this has helped some, for some did nothing, and irritated others. It looks like I might be in the ‘did nothing’ category, but I wondered if for those it worked how long it took to notice a difference.

Thanks everyone!!

I read a CRPS study saying anti pain effects of topical ketamine were noticed after 1-2 wks.
A case study for amit/ket topical and an EM patient, says she got relief 2 days later.

But no idea on the average. Topical ketamine made me worse so I had to stop using that one immediately

edit to include source of the CRPS “1-2 wks” :

and EM retrospective study saying avg # times of application / day was 5 (doesn’t say how long of a trial to give it…)

It didn’t work for me. :frowning: