Contact Dermatitis or EM Flare Up

Hi, all.

I had a recent incident with my hands which was diagnosed as Contact Dermatitis. I am looking for insight as to whether this could be an EM flare up or it is simply contact dermatitis.

Even though my hands and nose sometimes turn red, my feet are the primary source of discomfort and EM symptoms. So, this would be a new experience with my hands. Hopeful, it is dermatitis.

Looking for insight from someone who has experienced EM hand symptoms.

I first noticed a blister on the pad of my index finger. Later that evening my hands were on fire, burning like a chemical burn (like when you clean with household cleaners). The pads were swollen and red; the thumbs were especially swollen and mottled. The pads of my hands were burning, not the center of my palms. I soaked my hands in cold water. That helped a bit.

The burning continued overnight. By the next morning, the hands looked better. The burning was gone. But, I was left with tender finger pads and blisters on three of them. It only burns now if I scratch a place on my hand (it is localized burning), similar to when you scratch a sunburn.

It's been 4 days. The blisters are still there. They have not gotten better, bigger, or worse. They are simply there. No real pain or itching. There is only discomfort if I accidentally catch the blister on something. It doesn't really bother me typing right now.

I also noticed two very small, flat blisters on my palms. They haven't changed in any way either.

And, the tops of my hands were unaffected.

Any feedback is much appreciated.

Also, any recommends for a specialist in the Denver area?

Thank you!

Also, my hand and arm are beginning to feel achy. Thoughts?

Hi Crayfish, welcome to Living With EM.

I have very sensitive skin and react to many things I come in contact with. Usually, though, I can separate it out as contact dermatitis (I have psoriasis) if it responds very quickly to a topical steroid treatment. Have you been prescribed something to apply to your hands?

I was prescribed an ointment which I've used twice now. But today, I have a new blister on my thumb. Does EM present with blisters?