(Correct) Representative View of EM Sub-Types and Causes?

I created a quick diagram to represent what I thought were the EM sub types and their causes.

Interested in feedback, understanding that nothing will replace doctors advice but perhaps a quick overview may aid especially the newly diagnosed.

I myself have used the 'Secondary' causes as somewhat of a checklist to see if these were underlying to my EM.

The 'progression' part may be contentious? Are there people responsive to Aspirin who for many years have not shown an MPD/MPN?

310-EM.jpg (134 KB)

Interesting diagram. I could fall into the primary category (not responsive to aspirin) but could also be secondary, as I have about half of the conditions on that list!!

Very interesting Mads.

I see idiopathic is under primary but I think that could actually belong in both columns. It could be an undiagnosed genetic cause or an undiagnosed secondary cause. Hence the idiopathic! :) It is a simple way for new people to get a better understanding of the difference between the two and I know that is a common confusion for some.

Thank you for your hard work Mads. We appreciate it very much.

Take care,