Crawling Sensation

Recently I have been feeling like something is crawling across the tops of my feet, or even like a thread is pulled across it, but nothing is there. The sensation is definitely of something crawling ON it, and not under the skin, so it isn’t paresthesia. It only lasts for a few seconds, but happens a few times a day. Anyone else have this?

That sounds like nerve fasiculations. I have them down my legs and on my abdomen. They only last seconds. I had b6 poisoning, have EM and vascular issues. Parasites will cause this sensation too. Just some thoughts…

Actually, what you are referring to is muscular fasiculation. Those are involuntary muscle contractions that stop when you consciously move that particular muscle. They can be quite painful. There is no such thing as nerve fasiculation. But thank you for the suggestion.

Here is the link to it

There is no muscle twitching. For me, it feels ON the skin, not under it. Another way to describe the feeling is like when a long strand of hair falls on your skin. Except there is no hair. Nothing is there at all.

Yes, thank you for correcting me. My crawling skin, jerking, twitching muscles in the face and legs all went away when they discovered I had toxins. That’s all I meant. Specialists were all looking for diseases and autonomic failure which I did not have. I was in a great deal of pain for several months and that has resolved. Wishing you the best.