Cream to Lighten & Camouflage Areas Suffering from EM

Does anyone have any input, suggestions, or experience with skin lightening creams or camouflaging creams that would cover up the redness one suffers from with EM? I suffer from EM in my hands primarily and it is extremely embarrassing trying to lead a "normal" life when dealing with these flare ups in my hands that transform from tan to lava red in a matter of a few minutes.

I have researched camouflages but nothing seems to work well with the hands. I have also researched skin lightening creams but they seem to be for hyperpigmentation and not sure if it would really address the redness with EM. Obviously these would not address the pain aspect of EM but rather just the visual aspect of it which is also quite the battle in life. It's so embarrassing getting the "looks" or "double looks" and being called out on the color of your skin.

Hi Mike, an interesting question, I've not come across anything. Green is the colour which blocks out red and for milder facial flushing there are a number of green based skin primers and concealers plus, as you've seen, various high pigmentation camouflage products for scars and birth markings. Hands though will always be tough. I reckon confidence and humour are your best tools ....

Hi Mike,

I personally don't know of anything. Maybe you should make out you have sunburn but covered up the rest of your body:-) I am way past bothering about what people think these days. My hands aren't too bad, but it's my legs that look dreadful. I am more bothered about the pain than appearance.