Cymbalta/Duloxitine - reason why I didn't take it

I was prescribed Cymbalta on 6th July. Before trying it I weaned myself off Amiltriptyline which I had been taking for some time and which had ceased to help the EM symptoms.

Prior to this I had broken my wrist which required surgery.

I was also given Zopiclone to help me get some sleep and seeing that my thyroid levels had plummeted for some unknown reason I also had to increase my daily thyroxine dose.

I started to feel extremely nauseous and couldn't eat because of feeling so sick all the time. Weight dropped to under 6 stone and I felt really unwell and thoroughly miserable having to cope with the EM symptoms too. I lived on rice pudding as it was easy to get down. I did try one days dose of Cymbalta around the 14th July but the nausea was so bad I didn't take any more.

Saw my doctor on 21st July and told him my tale of woe and said I was stopping the higher dose of Thyroxine as I felt so unwell. I also told him I wasn't going to take the Cymbalta and asked him to refer me to the Royal Free Hospital in London which was the last recommendation from my original EM diagnosis at my local hospital rheumatology department.

Stopped feeling sick a few days after lowering the thyroxine and am back on a more even keel now. Eating ok and weight gone back up just over 6 stone and steady. Just wondering if the iodine dressings used on my wrist wound had anything to do with the thyroid malfunction.

My appointment at the The Royal Free is on the 13th September. Fingers crossed!