Disability VS Social Security

Hello All!

I've found myself battling pain management, trying to be a functional adult, being the best mother possible, etc. My health is so unpredictable! ugh!

My neurologist suggested that I NOT work. So, he supplied me with a letter and contact information to the necessary agencies--like Nelnet for my student loans. Which, were forgiven thanks to my neurologist! Totaling $27k.

However, due to my age I do not have enough work credits and don't qualify for disability. Which is incredibly frustrating because I worked my way through both high school and college.

Any suggestions on how to proceed? Is EM &/or Raynaud's considered a disability for Social Security? You would think if the Department of Education would forgive my student loans due to disability that I would qualify for something? Or, am I SOL?

I appreciate any advice!

Dearest Witsend,

I am so sorry to hear this news. Mother student and EM'er....U r totally inspirational!

Yes,Raynauds is on the USA list- EM is not. 'For those with complications from Raynaud's, or Raynaud’s phenomenon in conjunction with another condition, disability benefits are possible'.

Here are couple good links:

Claiming welfare for Raynaud sufferers (USA)



Claiming disability for Raynaud sufferers (UK) (I know you are not UK but has some good tips)


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Hello Witsend. I am in the appeals process with social security. They turned down my original aplication but they say that is pretty normal for most conditions with SSI. I was approved with my disability insurer and they have the same criteria. I must be completely disabled from working ANY occupation to qualify. They have been paying me for some time and they have supplied some lawyers at no cost to me because when I start getting money from SSI they will no longer be required to pay me what SSI is paying so it's in their best interest.

I know EM is not on their list of approved conditions that are easier to get approval for. Some conditions all you need is the diagnosis and they go down a list and if it's on it you are approved. No, It couldn't be that easy. I would suggest looking into a lawyer to help you. I know you have to pay some to them but I feel it is better than the fight you will likely have with SSI and still possibly not get approved. I know you can find a lawyer that only gets money if you are approved so if you don't you won't be out any money. I am so glad you were able to get your student loans dismissed. That is a huge help! Just don't give up if they deny appeal if they deny wait the mandatory time frame and re apply. If this wasn't so rare it would surely be included on their list of approved conditions.

Oh ya. I would also include in your initial application Photos of your flares and a print out on info about EM, particularly one of the documents that states in the description how often even mild to moderate cases of EM is completely disabling. I wish I could remember where I found this particular one but I know it mentions it in quite a few research papers. I forgot to include this in my initial application but I added it to my appeal. I will let you know how mine goes.

I hope the process goes easy for you and you have your approval soon.

Take care,

Thank you for the response and advice. I had initially hired an advocacy group to assist me in the matter. But, they said I was lacking the credits to qualify. Therefore, my case was automatically dismissed. I hired the attorney after I was denied coverage when I applied on my own. Evidently, I need to work for two more years before I qualify. That's a catch 22 considering I cannot work! The stress of life and being a mother are more than enough!

I believe that the US Department of Education passed my information along recently. I received a letter from The Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services saying that they were assigned to me by the Social Security Administration. Have any of you gotten this?

-Work History form-Adult-SSA-3369-BK

-Function Report-Adult-SSA-3373-BK

If I actually get approved (which doesn't seem likely), does Medicare kick in immediately? Or, is there a waiting period? My current private health insurance is denying everything claiming that it is pre-existing. So, my bills are well over 10k.

Hi Witsend! I know my adult children are in the appeals process....pictures and all. A lawyer is necessary, I think, with this rare condition. I wish you the best as you pursue it!

well Witsend I don't want to sound discouraging but I received my denial letter from social security today regarding my appeal. This is so frustrating. I will now have to go before a judge and plead my case there. The only good thing is now the judge can actually see me and my burning skin and or my dead looking purple feet depending on the temp. I have been working with an advocates group but I think they aren't actual lawyers so it looks like it's time to hire one.

I will not give up because I know I qualify even more so than many that have already been approved with more common conditions. I can't believe what they say is the reason for denial. in quotes

based on my , education , past work experience and medical evidence you retain the capacity to perform other types of work. They said they can see how I can't continue as a flight attendant but that I could do another occupation. Being a flight attendant isn't a strenuous job. They make it sound as if I had done a desk job before and applied saying I couldn't do my job maybe then I would qualify. It seems to hurt my case having worked hard for the last 20 years as a flight attendant. They say .. my age , education and past work experience has played a role in my denial. What do these have anything to do with anything!!! You can't be disabled unless you are old , haven't had past work experience and are uneducated???? This makes no since at all! Grrrrrr. Ok enough complaining .

I know they want me to give up and I will not give them the satisfaction. I am going to court. If I loose that I am applying again and if I must I will do this whole dance over and over till they approve me.

Regarding the medicare, To the best of my knowledge there is a 2 year waiting period before that kicks in based on what they decide is the beginning date of your disability. If it takes two years for them to approve you but when they do they back date your disability to when it actually started you will have it right away. If you are approved in less time then you have to wait till the two year mark. Not on approval but on disability onset.

I hope yours goes easier than mine. If not don't give up because we have legitimate cases that warrant approval.

Moon girl , I hope your children get approved soon too.

Take care