Discrimination and EM

Thank you for your welcome , I have suffered fom Em since 2004 and have tried everything over the years to alleviate my symtoms. However with trial and error I have manage to tolerate my life with EM by a heavy reliance on a drug called gabapentin , along with diazepam and zopilone to help me combat nights when the pain is relentless . I currently take 2700ml of gabapentin daily .For the past ten years I have been able to maintain a degree of independance and normalacy in getting about through using my blue disability badge . However I have just been forced to undergo an assessment in accordance with the new draconian guidelines , and in spite of providing extensive medical evidence , photographs of my hands and feet , I have been told I no longer qualify . The loss of my badge will have the most devastating affect on my future quality of life . I do not recieve disability benifit so am not in any other way a drain on the state .please can any other EM sufferer , contact me I they have had a similar assessment and what was the outcome . I feel strongly that we are being discriminated against due to the general ignorance that surrounds this cruel condition and right now feel isolated and powerless . Feelings I have done my best in dealing with since first being diagnosed Annette Monch

Very sorry to hear about this Anne. May I ask where you live and who is requesting the assessment? I have to get a new form filled out now that we moved to MA because they are specific to each state, but that only requires my doctors signature. On my original badge (CT) i didn’t notice until I was home that it was issued for 2 years…my doc checked “permanent.” I thought maybe it coincides with driver license renewal…?

Are you in the UK Anne ? ......