Diy gel packs

this tut is great^^^^

after spending a small fortune on heating blankets, space heaters, mittens warmers, fans, ice packs and such i finally got smart

using just salt, corn starch, blue food colour for effect, and zip lock bags… i’ve made my own cooking packs

i put one ziplock gel pack on the bottom of my foot and one on top… wrap in duct tape and i made some cool ‘boots’ to wear to bed.

cheap cheap cheap. i’ve made enough to cover the bottom of my mattress.


Well done please let us know how you get on with it and Good Luck.

i used large ziplock bags for storing clothes. just a thin layer of the gel inside and i have many cheap, large cooling ‘blankets’ that i literally wrap around my feet and legs during the night

i don’t store them in the freezer.// they feel cool enough as is. also nice to fold behind the neck!

i shiver down my back and arms when i sleep… so my core is wrapped in heating blankets … and the rest of me is wrapped in my jumbo gel packs!

such relief