Do I have EM?

I am wondering if I have this. My feet feel like I’ve been walking around on hot coals all day. The bottom of my feet are raw, red and 5 degrees hotter than the top of my foot. I also have pain so bad that I can barely walk. I have the same symptoms in both hands, but my hands don’t hurt like my feet. My hands tingle and burn…like coming in a warm house after being out in the cold. My hands itch really bad after my shower. I can deal with my hands, but my feet are killing me. I had a nerve conduction test on monday and it came back normal. I take lasix so I don’t have a lot of swelling. I also have FM and CFS so I’m on a lot of other meds. The symptoms started in my hands years ago. My feet started about 6 to 8 months ago and continue to get worse. I’ve been reading about Erythromelalgia and it sounds just like what I experience every day. Is there any test that my doctor can order that will help to diagnose this? I am getting very frustrated. Last night I tried using a cooling mat on my feet and elevation along with an aspirin. The redness and pain lessened. Does this sound like Erythromelalgia?

From my experience, this does sound like EM. To be sure, you can go to a rheumatologist to be diagnosed. Well, that's what i did. i hope this helped a bit and feel better!

This does sound like EM if you elevate your feet they will turn white again same with hands if that happens sounds like EM .i use gel ice packs rap then in a soft towel so not on skin then rap around feet or hands till cool again stay out of the heat . Swimming may help try to keep moving wear sandles out Side even when cold .
Finding to right doc who will work with you is essential
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