Does Sugar trigger EM Symptoms?

I am finding that a high sugar diet triggers my EM. I had a suspicion this was true when I tried a low carb diet for a for a while and my symptoms improved but this is hard for me as I have a very sweet tooth! Hubby bought me a large Easter egg and I scoffed the lot over 2 days. Now my feet are bright read and burning it’s the worst flare for a while and hasn’t gone down yet. I am up talking to you guys (it’s 4.30am in uk) cos I’m too sore to sleep!

I am sorry your yummy treats give you such bad flares. I don't know what I would do if I had to give up or even limit my sweets! I know others have definite links between certain foods and flares but other than wine and spicy food nothing else seems to make any noticeable difference. I even tried the elimination diet with the help of a dietitian for a little over 3 months by the time I introduced all of my foods back In and unfortunately nothing made a difference.

I had mixed emotions on food being an issue. It would be great if eliminating a certain food would make me feel better but I was hoping if there was a certain food it wasn't something I liked too much!

I have never tried it but have you tried sugar free candy?? At least here in the US they have quite a bit to choose from. A stronger person than me would recommend fresh fruit if that didn't cause flaring but for me there is no substitute for chocolate!!!

Take care,