Dry skin anyone?

Ever since I started having health issues going back to when I took Cipro. My skin has started drying and now it is dryer than ever even with moisture cream and drinking lots of water. Does anyone else have this.

Hi Fuga Duce.

I have intermittent periods of extreme dry skin that doesn't respond to moisture cream. It comes on suddenly and my skin will look as if I am an old lady. The whole texture will change and it doesn't even look like my skin! It will flake as if it is dandruff but all over. At first I thought I could be dehydrated but no amount of water or cream would make it better. Mine usually doesn't last for more than a few hours and then suddenly I look down and it is normal again. It also usually happens in warmer temps occurring with and without burning EM symptoms. I will have a look and see if I can find any pics I may have taken and If I can find one I will upload it and maybe you can tell me if it is like yours if you don't mind.

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I'm 58 and my skin is very dry. I used to use sorbolene cream instead of soap on my body but a couple of years ago during a hot summer I felt like the residue was making me feel even hotter. My daughter who does not have EM commented on it happening to her too. Since stopping the sorbolene I just shower with water and use soap under my arms and that other strategic area of my body. I've been itchy lately but did not realize why.

Yesterday I was lying on my bed and reading and I looked down at the skin on my legs and they looked something like 80 years old. I hadn't looked at my skin with my glasses on for so long and they dryness of my skin shocked me. Of course then I had a good look all over my body and it's the same everywhere. Now I know why I've been itchy. It was not only sweat drying on my skin causing the itchiness but the fact that my skin is so dry. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it. Maybe try the sorbolene cream as soap again.


Have you tried Emu oil? A teeny amount goes a long way. I have had dry skin for a long time and the emu oil is the only thing I can tolerate. I also found Egyptian Magic to help. I just bought some and the thing I like about it is that it does not come from an animal.