Dry Skin

Do any of you have really dry skin with your EM my hands and feet are so dry even with all the lotions i cant seem to get them soft. I dnt know if it’s because of the EM or if it’s just me just wondering if any of you are having the same symptoms.

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My skin was and still is always dry. The soles of my feet also stays dry but also hard but think is because of being barefoot most of the time! At least I can apply lotions, while back my feet flare with only looking at it!

Ya I have dry skin, esp. feet + face. I am ok applying moisturizers but haven’t found any to be terribly effective. There is a so-called “shunting hypothesis” of EM -

“The investigators proposed that this locally increased perfusion supported the hypothesis of increased thermoregulatory arteriovenous shunt flow during attacks in primary erythromelalgia. Thus, a sudden large increase in flow associated with decreased oxygenation may well be the result of an increase in shunting and a reduction in nutritive flow.”

I don’t understand all the details lol but I have noticed that my skin is a lot smoother after trialling amlodipine, which I’m guessing increases nutritive flow. That’s really the only thing that’s helped it for me

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Yes, and here is what I use and it works great! Kerasal intensive foot repair
it’s around $7-$8 U can find it at most drugs stores in the foot section.

Yes, severe dry skin. Idk if it’s related though.

ok cool i will check it out and give it a try. I have always been one to use lotion after every shower and even threw out the day but seems i cant buy anything that will help my hands are just so so dry.

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I use this: CND Cucumber Heel Therapy but I use it everywhere, hands, feet, face, etc. It’s good stuff and as long as it’s on, everything is super soft but as soon as you wash it off, it’s just as dry as before. So softens, just doesn’t fix. It’s definitely an EM thing. All the expanding and contracting of my skin is really rough on it. I"v always had rough heels but since the EM, the top of my fee, right in front of the toes is bad (from swelling).

I don’t waste time with the little bottles since I have to put it on my feet after every time I soak them or the skin hurts. It really calms my skin when I’m dealing with sensitivity.

Ok cool i will try it ya i have noticed that my big toes in on the top side in the middle are so dry there almost brown its ridiculous ugh i never had this problem before. My hands feel like a construction worker or something i hate it.