EM at its worst

Hi everyone sorry i havent been on for a while had a triple flare up feet,hand,groin.I consider myself a strong person but this last bout with no support has left me shattered im mentally and physically exhausted, surely a body is not designed to suffer 24/7 with no respite? Th doctors in the UK are backwards in coming forwards about EM all they do is listen give me a sympathetic look and leave me to it. I have scoured the net for alternative meds only to be told sorry we cannot ship to the UK There has to be something i can do to get a modercum of my life back this has progressed yearly and is now at the stage to fill me with such fear as to what it will be like in a years time.I have tried lyrica.gabapetin now in the UK it seems all that available are huge doses of tramadol this has to be wrong i did try it and im sorry but i a virtual cabbage unable to function even on a reduced dose tramadol is so invasive and now i feel as if im being thrown to the wolves has anyone any tips are help they can offer im desperate sorry for sounding so down but at this present moment in time desperate for some relief is what i am