EM & Cracked Heels

It has been almost a year since my EM began, and I’m starting to notice my feet are paying a steep price. Despite regular pedicures (that are not particularly fun for me as they cause pain), my heels are cracked and dry. My new rheumatologist even mentioned it at our last appointment, urging me to take extra good care of them. Any suggestions for lotions or creams? No matter what I put on, they seem to stay cracked. My rheumy thinks it could be due to wearing flip flops/going barefoot and/or that my feet may be sweating?

Anyone know why EM causes soles to dry/heels to crack? Any suggestions for relief? It is getting more and more painful to walk, especially when I’m flaring.

There is only one ever does any good for me. The trouble is I can’t remember it’s name and I am about to sleep I will look in the morning and let you know. There two stages first you use one that’s a cleanser with moisturiser and then you put the other one on that has more moisturising in it. I have had cracked heels for longer than EM but maybe it was there but not bad.

Is it the bio-somethingorother, sheltielife? I think julesg uses it. Another one that people find good is balneum. (Note to BNashville: I’m Seenie, from Moderator support. I don’t have EM, but a lot of my group have cracked heels from psoriasis. Often the same remedies work, even though the cause is different.)

Supposed to be asleep but just woke up and remembered it. It’s CareVe and I think I got it off your group Seenie. I didn’t find balneum as good

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Too funny: I was probably the one who recommended that ! And it’s available in the US and canada as well.

Good product, and not expensive.

Thanks so much! I will be trying ASAP.

I get mine at walmart.

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Miracle Heal Repair is the best I have found

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I use an 18% glycolic acid that I get from my dermatologist. Before that I was using Amlactin that has 12% glycolic acid & it was working but it would make my feet burn. For some reason the 18% from the Dr doesn’t make them burn & works real well. I know the Cerave products are good but I have never tried them on my feet. The glycolic acid helps to get rid of the dried skin & not just keep it moisturized. But don’t use it until your cracks are healed up because it will sting & hurt real bad. I only use it right after I take a shower. Then at night I put on a heavy cream that has shea butter in it. Those 2 things work for me. Hope this helps!

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