EM doc in Melbourne, Australia?

Hellooo :)

Just thought I would make a post asking if anyone was aware of a doc that might be knowledgeable about EM - in Melbourne, Australia.

Hi there

I'm currently seeing a Dr Peter Courtney at the Melbourne Pain Group in Glen Waverly. He has seen four other people with EM before. You can read about him on the profile section of the pain groups website, just search Melbourne Pain Group. I have only seen him once but he seems invested in helping me out with my condition (EM?). There is a wait list but that is to be expected with specialists. Hope this helps you out. Good luck

Hi, another one is Dr Peter Blombery , a Vascular Specialist. He has had experience over several years. Hope he can help.

Hi Maddie and Mal

thanks so much for your replies,
I wasn't actually expecting anyone to reply / know of doctors in the area.

Thanks :)