EM Doctor Recommendations in Sacramento CA (Northern CA)

Recommendations for a Doctor that treats EM in Sacramento CA (Northern CA)?

Ah! Sacramento! I’m in Sacramento—living w EM and Raynauds I can’t believe you’re here. I’ve been seeing the entire staff at kaiser. I’ve educated a lot of doctors there and have educated myself on who sux and who helps. Do you have kaiser?

Who do you see? I would love to get a doctor that knows what EM does and how to treat it.

My gp is kristopher kordana. He and I communicate a lot and he can refer you to a specialist. I’ve seen rheumatologists, neurologists, dermatologists, and pain management. I have severe EM and there’s nothing they can do but experiment w various drugs to help manage my pain. I don’t get relief from any of the medications and have had bad side effects from many of them. so it’s a constant re-assessment situation. It’s been over ten yrs for me with these doctors so you might be able to benefit somewhat from my long road with them trying to deal with this. Kordana is in Davis at the Kaiser offices there.

Oh, but there’s no real treatment. It’s incurable. It’s a mangagement situation.

There isn’t a direct cure. However, I have found that since they found out the cause of mine is rheumatoid vasculitis and I have had treatment for that my EM is nothing like as bad as it was.

Obviously if EM is primary then that sort of thing wouldn’t help.

Thank you for responding.
Unfortunately, I don’t have Kaiser.
I made an apt with Dr. Kevin Kirby as he has listed EM as something he treats. Also made an apt with Dr. Diana Lau RM in Woodland.
Any tips or advice on questions to ask?