EM triggered by bright light?

Hi, I'm new to the forum. I'm glad I've found it as it looks like there's lots of good info here. I feel like I have classic EM with the exception that light is a major trigger. Does anyone else experience light as a major trigger? When I was at college, I skipped class and taught myself from the textbook pretty often because I couldn't tolerate the bright lights in lecture halls. Wearing sun glasses helps just a little. Medicines that have helped me are propranolol, diamox, benadryl.

I can try to deal with EM being triggered by variations in temperature by dressing in layers. But the lighting triggers it terribly causing me anxiety because there's little I can do about it. Also referring to my above post, needless to say my grades at college were bad /low :( My cardiovascular doctor was saying he doesn't know of any other patients whose EM is triggered by light. I dread going to work because the lights are so bright. I feel like if the lights weren't so bright, then my EM would be ok enough to allowing to try to work full time. If your EM is triggered by light, what medicines have helped you?

I don’t feel that bright light triggers flares for me. But sunlight on my skin sure does. I have also become very light sensitive in that it just hurts my eyes and I find it hard to see. I come out around dusk, just like the moths! I garden in the dark by the light of the moon. Life has gotten strange with this horrible disease.

Hi, this is an old thread but I will reply anyway.
My EM is triggered by bright artificial light also, but I have not found anything that is effective to reduce the sensitivity except avoidance. I am also triggered by exposure to fragrance, perfume/cologne, do you have this sensitivity?