EM What works for you

Hi Guys,

I am seeing a different consultant next week and was curious to know what works for you in treating EM.

I have it in both hands,I have a high pain threshold (an ex footballer who has broken bones and had metal rods put in my back) but this EM pain is a 9.
I take morphine orally which helps but 3hrs later the pains there again.
Had a bad day today as for the first time its started in my feet also.

I just want to hit the dr with what works for others so I can try different meds and hopefully get off the morphine even though it’s only a low dose of 10mg.

Does anyone take naproxen or diclofenac?


Hi, I’ve had back operation too. Therefore I have taken naproxen for years now. Sorry, naproxen doesn’t work for me. I take transformers my doctor has just prescribed menefopam hydrochloride. This is the first thing I have taken that allows me to sleep for couple of hours. I have EM feet hands and the back of my legs. Tilly

Transforms, is meant to say Tramadol. Take new tablets as well as. Tilly.

Lidocaine iv is the best thing that lets me be heat tolerant. So I’m trying to find an oral sodium channel blocker / dose that would be helpful for me. (Response to lidocaine iv is thought to strongly predict response to oral sodium channel blockers)

(mexiletine, carbamazepine, topamax, oxcarbazepine, zonisamide etc are all oral sodium channel blockers)

Naproxen and topical diclofenac did nothing for me.

If you haven’t tried an oral Na channel blocker, I think that is a good thing to try

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I get the worse flare ups everytime Im getting close to my period and ovulation(TMI I know), but I have notice that the only thing that actually has been helping me is taking aspirin as soon as I have the first sign that I am about to get a flare. I take one pill every day for two weeks. Nothing else has worked for me.