Facial EM

As a sufferer of chronic widespread internal/external EM was interested in this . Anyone else heard of off label use of Maxalt for facial EM?

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I have not, but as someone who is most affected facially, by my EM-I will speak with my doctor about it, after reading up on it's side effects. Have you heard of any success with Maxalt?

I haven’t tried or even heard of it but I too have facial EM and I will definitely look into it. Thank you Mads for the tip!
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I have not heard of Maxalt being used for EM. However, I am taking Topamax (Topiramate), which is a migraine prophylactic, and it has been helping to take a bit of the pain out of the burn. It may be coincidental, but it seems I am having flare-ups less frequently. I was actually outside for 10 minutes in 75-80 degree weather before my feet were screaming for attention. :slight_smile: My initial thought was that migraines and EM can be described very similarly. The major differences being location(s) and type of pain. I mention this, of course, because Maxalt is a migraine abortive. So there is a connection there. It may work for some. Definitely worth looking into.