Feeling disconnected from limbs

Hey. Does anyone else get the feeling that there limbs are disconnected from their body? I’ve had it on and off for about a year but the last few weeks it’s been everyday. It’s like I have to push past a load of sludge for my brain to connect the movements I’m asking.
Hope all is OK
Laura x

Just to answer the question, I can say my mom hasn't had those symptoms with her version of EM. But her version of the disease or her accumulated health issues seem to have a heightened sensitivity, so she may not be typical for an EM patient. She has at times had problems walking due to pain and possibly weakness and the inactivity and exercise. I can't say she has had any wasting activity from the disease or loss of feeling or function. Some people with some forms of neuropathy will experience a loss of function and more numbing, so they may feel disconnected at times. If one is unable to move and is very disconnected it almost sounds like damage of a different type that typical EM. . . if there is a typical EM.