Feeling frustrated at life and flare ups

Had a sleep study in september, didnt sleep past 15mins with all the interuptions, never got a call back.

Then with all these flare ups and not knowing why when my doctors just didnt check the filework sent to them by Dr. Thatcher, like I was about to be diagnosed with Reynolds when my doctor looked at the file, and whent pale, even than as I get red splotty itchy burny hands arms legs and feet, I feel like with all this transparency, its no wonder I suffer from a lil saltyness when it comes to dr.

Worse, scholli is acting up, migrains going nuts, all sorts of nerves making me feel like well I am being electrocuted, and the flare ups, to top it all off like some cosmically bad luck cherry upon the cake.

I feel like my body is its own creepy pasta, sighs, life no?