Feet/ hands are only comfortable when cold

It's freezing here in Ohio and I love it because my feet aren't burning.. too much.. is it ok to keep your feet cold like this? I am new to all of this.

Hi Angie, As long as you don’t cause the skin to deteriorate by soaking your feet in cold water too much, you should be okay. I try to avoid going out in warm/hot weather now, and not soak my feet at all. I spend much time indoors with my feet elevated in bed. I keep the house cold, too, about 66 degrees. Since I’ve done this, my flares & burning have subsided. The Lyrica and Cymbalta I am on are helping with my symptoms too. I’m new to this as well. I developed EM last summer. I live in Missouri. I dread the coming of summer and the 100 degree heat we can get here.

And I love being outdoors. This is a shame for all of us.

Angie said:
And I love being outdoors. This is a shame for all of us.
Me too. Gardening is my passion. Now I have to do what I can before May, & after that, my poor husband will have do all the watering of the beds for me. Kansas City is hell on earth in the summer....

My friend lives there, yes I hear! Im in mansfield ohio.
As cold as it was I was up all night with burning if both hands and feet.
My heart is palpitating a lot also. Im going to have to look into other sx of EM

Also, is it common to have nerve pain alongside the hot red burning?
I was freezing trying to cool my feet down lastnight and lately ive noticed that I get chills on one side of my body and not the other at times. Very weird

I try to keep my feet as cold as possible all the time

I do exactly the same thing

My feet and hands are also confortable when really cold. As the matter of fact before developing EM i´ve always had really cold hands and feet, more cold than the average person and they felt perfectly fine and confortable.

I have also had very cold hands and feet growing up and before developing EM. During that time i experienced no pain or discomfort, they were just ice cold to the touch and had variant colors from red, blue, purple and grey

my hands had always had like a yellowish color, now they are pinkish even when not flaring. I´ve been having a hard time with the soles of my feet this days :frowning:

I’m the most comfortable when not only my hands and feet are cold, but I’m feeling slightly cold all over. A big change for me because before EM when I was cold all over or my hands and feet were cold I was very uncomfortable. Now the feeling of being cold is welcome. I have come to not only love winter outdoors, but to love having ‘winter’ indoors as well.