Finally diagnosed

I finally got diagnosed on Oct. 23rd by a rheumatologist, I hadn’t even mentioned em when he brought it up and everything just clicked!
He doesn’t treat it but is going to have a discussion with my gp about it so he can treat me.
I am also waiting on several blood tests checking for autoimmune disorders as I sometimes get mottling on my legs and I have a high red blood cell count from a previous test.
We also believe I have pots syndrome which explains why it always happens whenever I stand but I need to go to a cardiologist to get officially diagnosed.
I feel like I’m finally taking a step forwards

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It’s a good feeling to finally have a doctor recognize it.
I wonder if you were found to have any autoimmune disorders…I have a couple to go along with it. Yet the neuro said it was Primary. smh

I have several auto immune illnesses including lupus, Sjogrens, fibromyalgia, and Hashimotos. I also have POTS syndrome, Ehler-Danlos, Anti-MAG Antibody Syndrome and an extremely rare cancer called Waldenstroms Macroglobunemia Lymphoplasmacytic Lymphoma.