Finally got Social Security disability

They based it on their rule of “SGA” (Substantial Gainful Activity), not really on my disease because I have to work or I lose my house. But my attorney (I was not approved when I first applied so I got an attorney), he said that he has had a few patients with EM that had been approved.
I lost a great job because of the pain in my feet and legs…With my feet dangling and sitting in a chair all day with shoes on the pain built up slowly as the blood filled in my feet and legs, which caused puffy feet. At the time I didn’t know what it was.
I have lupus, sjrogen’s, SIBO, double vision, food allergies, chronic sinus issues, yet the attorney said to focus on my feet because that would get it faster than the others, so just wanted to let you guys know. I’m 64 and I know that the older you are the easier it is to get it, but if you can’t work much because you can’t elevate your feet or remove your shoes you are not making substantial money to live on… I took a job at Walmart, 15 hrs a week, because sitting in a chair is more painful than moving because my feet turn a dark purple. But I would rather not work at all because I suffer so much. EM should be an automatic approval, in my opinion.

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Congratulations! Regardless of the disability, I feel like most people get turned down the first time, and nearly always require an attorney.

Sharon from ModSupport

Thanks…I waited 24 yrs to get it. Because autoimmune disorders are not understood by doctors. I wake up sick every morning…it takes me sometimes 5 hours before I feel decent but according to the lab work I feel fine…which is not so. I actually lost everything at 40 yrs of age because I could no longer work.

Congrats! I am in that same battle…I have it in hands, feet, ears and face and the pain makes it impossible to do anything. Several meds tried-all made me violently sick for about 8 hours…just prescribed a ketamine/Amitriptyline gel-haven’t Notice’s any improvement yet, and it is $60 for a tiny bottle. I am just trying on my hands (can’t afford something like that 3 times a day on hands, feet, face and ears!) I’m no longer working for last 3 years-we have 4 kids and my husband’s job is t making it. Our credit cards are maxed out-we are sinking quickly and I really need the SSD. I am glad that there is hope!!! I agree-EM should be an automatic approval-it is miserable!