Finger Lesions

I was wondering if anyone who has EM in their hands get lesions on their hands. My daughter does but they think it maybe an Auto immune disease that they cannot label yet. Just wondering if someone else had this. Thanks for sharing all!

raynauds causes ulcers on my hands. they are referred to as chilblains when they happen to my feet.

Have they discussed the option of a tiny skin biopsy which can help provide clarification if reported by an experienced dermatopathologist?

We have seen those before. These are more sore like.

They did do a biopsy but it came back as hepatitis C possibility and then when they did the blood test they said no hepatitis C so they’re thinking it could be some kind of autoimmune type of thing. But they’re not totally sure. There was inflammation but nothing distinct.

Hmm, yes understand. There is often non specific inflammation.
Something else to consider and discuss with her doctors:
Low-energy, extracorporeal shock-wave therapy (ESWT) is effective at stimulating growth factors and the formation of new blood vessels.
even if she doesn’t have scleroderma.

I’m looking into ESWT for myself

Thanks for this advise and article. I will bring this up at our next appointment. Have a great weekend.

:grin: Bonnie

Yes I have them only on the bones/joints. I saw the best Dermatology Oncologists in Las Vegas and he’s never seen anything like it.

Thank you for sharing the link.