Fish oil

Hi. I was was reading one of Dr Cohen’s article that says fish oil could make EM worse. Has anyone going this to be true. I take a pretty high dose everyday, but I don’t want to make my EM worse.

Hello Lisa, I have been taking high strength fish oil or cod liver oil for years too. I read the same comments and stopped taking it for a few weeks but there was no difference at all with the EM. EM can be very individual as to what improves it or makes it worse; its always worth trying things out. I only buy very high quality fish oil, btw. Good luck!

Hi. I order my fish oil from Metagenics.

I’ve been taking 5 grams of DHA Xtra a day since December – no worsening of my EM. But it has seemed to help with neuroinflammation and allergy side effects.