Food&Drink that can Provoke attacks

apart from sugar alcohol caffeine and melon is they other food or drink that anyone came across that could of provoked a attack? Kg restful for any info thanks.

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Of course in any first alcohol. All the fruits and vegetables very colorful because it is those which contain the most vitamin C which is very vasodilatation: Kiwi, lemon, orange, grape, strawberry, peache, apple, walnuts, figs, almonds (not the hazelnut) ... and in vegetables, especially: garlic, carrot, eggplant, tomato, mushroom, pumpkin, zucchini, cucumbers, even the potato ,finally almost all the vegetables ....
Potassium also aggravates our symptoms. When I purchased a mineral water, I always look the composiition and I selected the one marked: "potassium < 1 ". There is also the chocolate, ginger, cinnamon, ginko biloba, green tea, turmeric ... etc ....
But what I was most surprised, that is when I made do very strong crisis after eating mussels ... !!! ...
I would like to have your comments ...


Also eggs and avocados…I think it would be easier to list what we can eat, which of course is almost nothing. :slight_smile:

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If all this is true about what we can't eat, which as Grammy said it almost nothing how do we keep our vitamin levels up? I have my doctor saying I should have a healthy diet, loads of veg and fruit that sort of thing. Plus, it's very hard for me as regards what I eat because my neighbour brings me in a meal each evening and so I don't get to choose what I have. I don't want to hurt their feelings by saying I don't want their meals as they might be offended thinking I don't like them and they have both been so good to me. I have to confess that what I do is shift some of the things into the bin and make sure they can't see what I have chucked away! As for whether mussels are bad I can't answer that as I don't like them, the texture rather than the taste.

It would seem to me to be sensible to avoid a specific food that triggers a negative reaction in you but excluding whole food groups, especially fruit and vegetables, is very likely in the long run to lead to serious nutritional deficiencies and potentially far greater illness or a shortened life.

We have some helpful guidance in our Eating for health article.

Thanks everyone. Luckily for me I have only came across Galla melon that caused the attack. I had to wait a few days for my body to recover. Then ate only a few small chunks and again caused a flare. So I now can confirm that Galla melon is a no no. But haven’t came across any other fruit or veg just yet thank goodness. I hope that none of these do affect me in my future as I love my fruit salad and veg x