Found comfortable mesh sneakers!

Hello all. I haven’t been around here much lately, but I thought I should pop in to mention these shoes. They’re Skechers sneakers called “GoWalk 3 Super Breathe 2” and they’re the first shoes I’ve found that (aside from the heel) are completely mesh, with no solid portion at the toe. When I walk in them I sometimes feel a breeze on my feet coming through the holes of the material.

I’m not crazy about the yoga mat footbed (it makes a bit of a sound as I walk and isn’t breathable itself - they really should have put a fabric lining over it), but it is comfortably soft to walk on, at least.

As a bonus, they also hide the appearance of my toes, which I often get self-conscious about in sandals, and help shade my feet from so much direct sunlight.

They’re not at Skechers stores, but they are available at DSW and through Zappos.