Frys Foot Flare

So don’t mind my toes they are hideous lol. So I had to run to frys to get some things threw on my flip flops and went I was in the store for literally 10min when I felt my feet getting hot my left was worse. So I finished fast as I could and got back home. I took a pic and my feet were swelling my left was pretty swollen I could hardly bend my toes down.

My right is often worse than my left. This seems like a pretty typical EM flare. Store if my life. Below zero and I’m out in flip flops and capris (affects me half way up my calves). People ask me, “Aren’t your feet cold?”,…uh…no.

Right they cant imagine how hot you become and how sudden. However my problem is the raynauds on top of that I cant find the right temp I go from freezing to burning. My right hand is the worst both hands flare but the right in cant even bend at times it becomes so swollen and hot.