Gabapentin Medication - Anyone tried this?

I am currently prescribed Gabapentin, however i am on a low dose right now so i havent noticed a difference. Have any of you tried Gabapentin, and has it worked, or in what ways has it helped? Or any other recommendations of medications?

Hello Deon. I am on Gabapentin now. I am on a medium dose and I am still in the process of increasing it. I haven't noticed a real difference yet but they say sometimes it takes a larger dose before some see a difference. I know others have seen significant approval with this. Others have had help from aspirin along with antidepressants and many others. It is a game of trial and error. I would recommend working with your doctor and trying the various meds that have helped others until you find one that helps you. Other than aspirin which I think helps pretty quick the others seem to take some time in your system before you see a big difference.

Take care